This nifty one ball crochet beanie is to fit a head with circumference of about 56cm, and length from crown to eyebrows of about 25cm. This is the size of Rhoda’s head. Feel free to send her hats. Don’t send Becca hats, they make her look ridiculous.

You will need one ball of either:

For each additional 2 cm in a direction, you will want to chain two extra in the first chain, and add 2 rows at the end of the pattern.

Written in UK speak. For US, it’s SC and Half Double/Double but if you know what I am talking about you will know that anyway.

Ready? Let’s go make that one ball crochet beanie for the canny crofter!

Chain 31

Row 1: DC in second chain from the hook, DC in next 4 (total 5 DC), HTR next 25. Chain 2. Turn.

Row 2: BLO only. TR into next 25. DC into final 5. Chain 1. Turn

Row 3: BLO only. DC x5, HTR x25, Chain 2, Turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you reach the desired size. (For the size mentioned above, it was 36 rows.)

Tie off leaving a long tail. Turn inside out and SLST the two ends together. Check for fit!

Gather the top (that’s the narrow end) and pull tight. Tie off and sew in ends.

Voila! A hat.

Rhoda wearing her one ball beanie
Rhoda wearing her beanie. Before her sister stole it.

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