Written by Jacqui Bennet (Woolly Ferret). Copyright: The Angry Triangle.

You will need:
70g of Angry Triangle white yarn (aran weight)
10g of Angry Triangle Black/Brown yarn (aran weight)
5mm needles


24 rows x 17sts to 4” x 4”   (not hugely important, tea pots vary)


Using white, cast on 90 stitches

Knit 7 rows of garter stitch (knit all rows).

K2, purl to last two stitches, k2

Knit one row, placing markers after stitches 17, 31, (chart markers), 45(centre marker), 59, and 73 (chart markers)

*Starting with the purl side, Knit 2, purl to first marker, work chart, purl to 2 stitches before centre marker, knit 2.

Turn work
Knit to chart marker, work chart, knit to end. (I have included two copies of the chart in case you prefer to cross off rows when complete)

Turn work.

Repeat these two rows until chart row 15 is complete.*  Cut both yarns, leaving 12” tail on white for weaving in and a 16” tail on the black to do final rows of colourwork, and weave in.  Do not weave in yet.

Join yarn at the Centre marker on the other side, and repeat from * to *  Cut the contrast yarn, leaving a 16” tail for finishing colourwork and weaving in.

Working across all stitches, and keeping the k2 at the start and end on purl rows, finish the chart.  Cut contrast yarns, leaving a tail to weave in.

Continue alternating purl and knit rows for 6 rows, ending with a knit row, ready to start a purl row.

Decreases for top

(If you prefer to do this in the round, join on row 1, and knit all rows)

1. Purl all stitches

2. (Knit 4, k2tog) repeat to end. (75sts)
3. purl

4. (knit 3, k2tog) repeat to end (60 sts)

5. purl

6. (knit 2, k2tog) repeat to end (45 sts)

7. Purl
8. (Knit 1, k2tog) repeat to end (30 sts)
9. Purl
10. (K2tog) repeat to end (15sts)

11. Purl

12.  (K2tog, k2tog, k1)*3 (9sts)

Cut yarn, leaving 12” tail, thread yarn through remaining stitches, and pull closed.  Fasten off.  Add a pom-pom to cover the hole and for decoration.

Use the cast on tail to sew up from the bottom to where you wish the handle hole to be.  (I stopped at the top of the garter stitch).  If you did the top flat, seam it from the start of the decrease rows to the top.  Or use the cast off tail to seam down.

Sew in all ends.  Enjoy your warm tea.