The Story of the Angry Triangle

We decided to sell Scottish knitting yarn because the price of Scottish wool has dropped away to very little. It often costs more to get a sheep sheared than you earn for selling the wool to the Wool Board in the traditional way. The Wool Board are a broker who take wool from farmers and crofters, sell it on their behalf at aution, take a cut and then pay the crofter the difference.

As the price of wool has dropped, it has become harder and hard for the farmer to make a profit. Once upon a time, the price you got for your wool paid a chunk of your rent.

A lot of the wool from the Coll View croft is black, and that commands even less of a price! So, we decided that it was worth trying to do something with it ourselves.

Our Scottish knitting yarn

To test market we decided on knitting yarn. Our wool is woollen spun, making it ideal for craft projects and home furnishings. It also makes an excellent hat – the rain just bounces right off!

The joy of our 100% pure wool Scottish knitting yarn is that you know exactly where it comes from. It comes from the Coll View croft and if you try some of the pure Hebridean knitting yarn – it will probably contain a bit of the Angry Triangle herself!

We have 3 types of wool at the moment:

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