The Countdown to Lambing has begun!

What is lambing? Important, that’s what. Lambing is arguably the most important time of year for any sheep farmer. It’s when the sheep give birth and the lambs arrive. It is anything but silent. It causes bad tempers, sleepless nights, the occasional heartache and lots of stress – and that’s just for the sheep. Just […]

9 Fun Facts about Sheep

Facts about sheep - lambs are cute!

Looking for fun facts about sheep? I’ve been gathering facts over the last few years as I have been learning about sheep. Here is the best of my current fact collection – just for ewe! 9 Facts about sheep Why nine? I don’t know. I might keep adding to them. Every day is a school […]

17 Most Googled Questions about Sheep Answered!

The black sheep also have questions about sheep

Do you have questions about sheep? Me too. I’ve kept sheep for 5 years now, and I still have questions. Some of my questions include: How did they get out of that field? How did they get into that field? Why are they not in the right field? Your questions might be easier to answer! […]

The Colonel will see you now… Meet the boys

rams called funny names in Tiree

What is a male sheep called? That might seem like an obvious question, but it can be different in different places. A male sheep is typically called a Ram, but in large parts of Scotland we tend to call them Tups. All flocks need a Tup if they are going to have lambs. A single […]

Learn more about our aran yarn

Brown aran knitting yarn

Our brown and white aran knitting yarn is grown by our small flock of sheep in the Scottish island of Tiree. You might have heard the phrase aran wool and wondered what it means. Wonder no more! What is aran knitting yarn? Aran yarn is the UK equivalent of worsted weight yarn in the US. […]

Hebridean Sheep – meet the team growing our wool!

the angry triangle hebridean sheep

The Coll View croft in the Isle of Tiree is home to The Angry Triangle – a hebridean sheep, and her flockmates. The sheep are kept both for wool and for meat. They are not pets, they definitely have a purpose in life, but they are very well cared for and live excellent lives. We […]

The Story of the Angry Triangle

Black and white sheep in a row they product the brown and white yarn

We decided to sell Scottish knitting yarn because the price of Scottish wool has dropped away to very little. It often costs more to get a sheep sheared than you earn for selling the wool to the Wool Board in the traditional way. The Wool Board are a broker who take wool from farmers and […]

The Coll View Croft – home to The Angry Triangle

A picture of Coll View, the croft house on the angry triangle croft

A lot of people ask “What is a croft?” A croft is a piece of agricultural land with a particular legal structure unique to Scotland. There are about 750,000 hectares of land in Scotland is in crofting tenure. In most cases the land was owned by the landowner, and let to crofters as tennants. The […]